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Refund and Returns Policy

I have returned my order, what’s next?

If you have returned your order to us within the 14 day return period, then it will be processed within 2-4 working days by our return service. As soon as this return has been processed, you will receive an email from us explaining how the return will be processed further. The crediting of returned orders usually takes place immediately after processing!

However, the processing of the refund via the payment provider / bank will still need approximately 2-4 business days for your money to be cleared. Payments made via credit card or from Belgium, can in our experience take a little bit longer, before it is fully processed.

I can see that my order has been returned to the sender, what’s next?

If your order is or has been returned to us via a postal service or courier, then we will contact you upon receipt. In many cases this is being caused by an error connected to the delivery address. You could let us know the moment you find out about this, so we will be able to resend your order as soon as possible.

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